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Basic Usage

# Configurations picked up from a directory
$ ytt -f examples/playground/example-demo/ | kubectl apply -f-

# Input customized on command line or file configuration
$ ytt -f examples/playground/example-demo/ -v service.enabled=false | kapp -y deploy -a app1 -f-

# Output template results as json
$ ytt -f examples/playground/example-demo/ -o json

Easily template...

  • Kubernetes YAML configuration
  • Concourse pipelines
  • CloudFoundry BOSH manifests
  • AWS CloudFormation configurations
  • ...tell us how you use it!


  • Templating works on YAML structure, not text
  • Includes sandboxed Pythonic scripting language
  • Allows to reuse YAML structures via functions
  • Allows to merge YAML structures (aka overlays)
  • Allows data validation
  • Includes optional text templating